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In loving memory of the YMCA's Marcus Taylor

Posted on 10/12/16 2:39 PM by Beth Roessner
The YMCA Metropolitan Washington lost one of our most passionate leaders on Saturday, Oct. 8. Marcus Taylor was not just a co-worker, but a friend to many. His indelible work and contributions to the YMCA Capital View will be an integral part of the Y for many years. We send our sincere condolences and expressions of support to Marcus’ family. We were fortunate to have him as an integral part of the Y family for over 15 years. We will continue to keep the Taylor family in our thoughts and prayers.
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How to Prevent Bullying in Preschoolers

Posted on 10/21/15 11:45 AM by Beth Roessner
Bullying is a hot topic amongst high school locker rooms and elementary school playgrounds, but rarely is the issue addressed from the earliest developmental stages. Often times, this bullying behavior in three or four year olds is just labeled as spirited play, socializing or a bad mood. But noticing this behavior and addressing it early in a child’s life can have major implications.
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How We Meet The Mental Health Needs of the Community

Posted on 10/20/15 9:49 AM by Beth Roessner
The YMCA has a reputation for fitness classes, summer camps and swim lessons, but in our pursuit to help families reach their healthiest potentials, we also offer mental health counseling and parenting education. During the early years of the youth programs of Montgomery County in the late 1970s, the programs were designed to help keep kids off the streets.
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How Does Sugar Affect Us?

Posted on 10/19/15 9:49 AM by Beth Roessner
Sugar, as we know, is a delicious ingredient, but it's also addictive. Because of this, it can be hard to know how much we're supposed to eat. Decreasing our sugar intake is an easy way to not only lose weight, but also maintain steady energy levels throughout the day. Recent studies have revealed some groundbreaking research about this beloved ingredient. Contrary to popular belief, sugar, as opposed to fat, is the leading cause of the health epidemic that our country is currently facing.
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What did you learn at Thingamajig?

Posted on 7/27/15 11:52 AM by Beth Roessner
Show Place Arena was transformed into a space celebrating the wild, wacky and wonderful world of science and technology on Thursday, July 23rd. With two floors full of hands-on science experiments and the help of over 500 corporate volunteers, nearly 4,000 area youth became active tinkerers at the 21st Annual Thingamajig Invention Convention. The arena was filled with tables of activities ranging from air traffic control simulation to growing seedlings in a necklace. There were electric conductors made out of bananas and wires, and a table full of forgotten tech: VHS tapes, old video games and hand-powered tools.
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The Triangle Award Inspires Futures

Posted on 11/13/14 8:07 AM by Shakarra McGuire
I am Franck Simo, proud recipient of the Barbara Aaron Triangle Award in 2011. I am from the 2012 Senior Class of South Lakes High School and currently studying at Wheeling Jesuit University, located in Wheeling, WV. I moved to the US in 2008 from Cameroon (West Africa) to live with my mother and to most of all, cease the opportunity that this country has offered throughout its history to immigrants that want to better their lives. That opportunity for me has been to obtain a good education and to freely enjoy the fruit of my labor and as of today, I am still working towards that goal.
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Celebrating Lights On Afterschool

Posted on 10/27/14 2:59 PM by Shakarra McGuire
Last week, our Y branches rallied around Lights On Afterschool, a nationwide campaign that acknowledges the huge impact that afterschool programs have on students, their families and their communities. The Harvard Family Research Project findings show that students who participate in afterschool programs have positive growth academically, socially/mentally and in the areas of prevention, health and wellness. You can locate your nearest opportunity for a YMCA afterschool program here!    Students celebrated by participating in arts and crafts, mural painting and much more! Check out some actions shots from YMCA Arlington and YMCA Loudoun County below!         
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YMCA Around Town!

Posted on 10/20/14 10:04 AM by Shakarra McGuire
The weekend is over but what a great time we had! We were able to participate in the United States Patent Office Trademark Expo where we were so happy to share the history and evolution of the Y brand with our community. Check out some of our photos below and if you missed the event, you can find a brief history of the Y logo here! Happy Monday!
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Coat Drive Recap from WHUR & the Y

Posted on 10/15/14 10:49 AM by Shakarra McGuire
YMCA Potomac Overlook partnered with WHUR 96.3FM (Howard University's Radio Network) to host an incredible coat drive this past weekend! Check out some photos from the event below.
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Silver Spring Teens Celebrated by Elected Officials, Media & More

Posted on 4/30/14 3:20 PM by Tracey Mitchell
An event hosted by Common Ground, a program that provides meaningful arts experiences for middle school students, drew the attention of Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Philanthropist Carol Trawick, Gazette reporters and the community at large. On Thursday, April 24th, as the sun set on the day, about 120 people gathered for an often overlooked cause: positively reinforcing the hard work of local youth.
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