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In loving memory of the YMCA's Marcus Taylor

Posted on 10/12/16 2:39 PM by Beth Roessner
The YMCA Metropolitan Washington lost one of our most passionate leaders on Saturday, Oct. 8. Marcus Taylor was not just a co-worker, but a friend to many. His indelible work and contributions to the YMCA Capital View will be an integral part of the Y for many years. We send our sincere condolences and expressions of support to Marcus’ family. We were fortunate to have him as an integral part of the Y family for over 15 years. We will continue to keep the Taylor family in our thoughts and prayers.
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YMCA Staff Commemorate 9/11 with Memorial Stair Climb, Walk

Posted on 9/20/16 10:49 AM by Beth Roessner
Fifteen years ago, the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, had a profound impact on the citizens of the United States and created a profound ripple effect around the world. Now known as “Remembrance Day,” Sept. 11th is celebrated as a day of reflection and volunteerism. Communities gather together to not only celebrate the lives lost on that day, but to reflect what it means to be an American citizen.
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Youth Tinker, Invent at 22nd Annual Thingamajig Invention Convention

Posted on 8/5/16 9:54 AM by Beth Roessner
Young inventor Akanksha is no stranger to frustration. While working with her two friends to create the perfect hat out of an old oatmeal canister, the bottom kept falling off. She and her teammates from a YMCA summer camp, looked at the situation a different way: Instead of seeing a work-ending road block, they saw an opportunity to make their creation truly unique.
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Legislative Weekend Teaches Y Kids New Skills

Posted on 3/25/16 9:21 AM by Beth Roessner
Dressed in a combination of black skirts, pressed button-ups, neck ties, and other business casual staples, about 150 students from DC metro area filed into the City Council Chambers at One Judiciary Square, on the morning of Friday, March 18. This wasn’t going to be a typical school field trip where they’d take a tour lead by a government staffer, learn about how bills are passed, or hear someone talk about the importance of voting. Instead, dressed in their best, they’d be the ones passing the bills.
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How Play Can Deepen the Child-Parent Connection

Posted on 2/22/16 7:30 AM by Beth Roessner
As a mental health therapist, Ana Lilia Solis understands there can be a stigma associated with mental health counseling. So often, parents are afraid to seek the help of a psychologist to discuss a wide range of family issues—from behavioral to relationships. This hesitation can affect how parents and children relate, she said. Ana Lilia, a therapist with YMCA Youth & Family Services (YFS)--an organization devoted to serving the families in Montgomery County that are poor or have faced/ are facing trauma--hopes her program Play Academy ends the stigma of therapy, and parents develop deeper relationships with their children.
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How We're Teaching Children Essential Skills

Posted on 1/8/16 12:21 PM by Beth Roessner
Patti Bryce is deeply passionate about youth literacy. When she explains how she helped her two children learn to read, and how she wanted to expand this love to all children, her dark brown eyes brighten up. She cracks into a smile, begins to talk with her hands, and explains why she believes reading isn’t just for learning. Reading is an essential skill, she said.
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Giving Children a Second Chance Through Graphic Design

Posted on 12/29/15 11:06 AM by Beth Roessner
Kasia Bochenek had to fight back tears when she first toured Leesburg Juvenile Detention Center (JDC). She was overwhelmed with the barded fences, tiny dormitories and window-less classrooms. Her heart ached for the students, all under the age of 18.
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How We Meet The Mental Health Needs of the Community

Posted on 10/20/15 9:49 AM by Beth Roessner
The YMCA has a reputation for fitness classes, summer camps and swim lessons, but in our pursuit to help families reach their healthiest potentials, we also offer mental health counseling and parenting education. During the early years of the youth programs of Montgomery County in the late 1970s, the programs were designed to help keep kids off the streets.
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From Botswana to DC, It's All About Helping People

Posted on 10/14/15 9:50 AM by Beth Roessner
Segomotso Seferian wants a life full of purpose and meaning. Sego, as she goes by, doesn’t want to wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed and do it over and over again. She wants to make a difference in her community and her world, even with the smallest of gestures. “If I were to leave today, what would I be remembered for?” questioned Sego, during a recent conversation.
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Wanted: Youth Mentors to Serve in Montgomery County

Posted on 10/7/15 12:07 PM by Beth Roessner
We're currently looking for compassionate individuals to join our YMCA Youth Links Mentoring program!  YMCA Youth Links Mentoring is a one-on-one community-based program which provides long-term mentors to children in the Montgomery County, Maryland child welfare and juvenile justice systems. The children we serve are ages five to 15. Many live in foster or other out-of-home care; most are monitored by Child Welfare because of neglect, abuse or other challenges in the home. Our program is a collaboration through Child Welfare, the Circuit Court, Montgomery County Public Schools, the Department of Juvenile Services and the YMCA.
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