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How age won't stop Erma

Posted on 8/14/15 3:00 PM by Beth Roessner
Erma Ellis-Stewart considers herself a “junior senior.” She won’t divulge her age, but the DC resident will admit she’s still under 65. Clad in a bright purple YMCA T-shirt, white leggings and purple-and-green striped sneakers on a Tuesday morning, Erma attended one of her favorite fitness classes, Pound.
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Saddle up for France, Your July Getaway

Posted on 7/30/15 11:50 AM by Beth Roessner
  Follow along on our Virtual Vacation series all year long at:
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The More Complicated Side of Zumba

Posted on 7/20/15 11:52 AM by Beth Roessner
An impressive thing about Nicole Lamm’s Zumba class isn’t her followers who go her class three days a week or their ability to move to the music—although they are both equally impressive. What’s fascinating is Nicole’s ability to use nonverbal cues to lead her students through the choreography. She claps, points, gestures and throws her hands in the air, and the students respond, knowing what each cue means. They twirl, stomp, lunge and flail their arms in the air. Nicole is extremely expressive yet barely utters a word in the 60-minute class. Nicole admits she was very intimidated by the nonverbal aspect of Zumba when she first began teaching it five years ago.
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Try Tai Chi, an Ancient & Powerful Chinese Martial Art

Posted on 6/17/15 8:00 AM by Jackie Dilworth
Your pool bag is packed, the grill beckons and your calendar is filled with backyard parties and fun in the sun. Yet did you ever imagine being stuck inside with a cold? While summertime viruses are rarer than their cold weather counterparts, they tend to last longer and be much more severe. For this month's Virtual Vacation, we're going to help you keep sick days at bay with an exercise that comes from China!
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Discover India & Yoga in our May Get-Away!

Posted on 5/20/15 12:58 PM by Jackie Dilworth
This May marked the 10th anniversary of DC Yoga Week, an initiative to build greater awareness and community around yoga in DC! Perhaps you joined the thousands of yogis who practiced on the National Mall with our recent Yoga Teacher Training graduates (below!), or you watched the FOX5 Morning News give it a try.
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South Africa: Your April Getaway!

Posted on 4/16/15 3:29 PM by Jackie Dilworth
It's Spring Break season, which means only one thing: the countdown to summer vacation has begun! Whether you're planning a big trip or are saving up for next year, we're bringing you an experience from across the Athlantic Ocean - climbing Table Mountain in South Africa! 
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Welcome to Japan! Your March Getaway...

Posted on 3/17/15 1:45 PM by Jackie Dilworth
Spring is almost here, and there's only one thing on all of our minds: when will the Cherry Blossoms bloom?! For this month's Virtual Vacation, take a much-needed mental break by traveling to the origin of these trees gifted to us 103 years ago: Japan!
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Welcome to Brazil! Your February Getaway...

Posted on 2/12/15 2:59 PM by Jackie Dilworth
Just as the work starts piling on, it's important to find some mental reprieve. It's time again to take a Virtual Vacation with the Y, our 12-month series that will help you get a much needed break and explore different countries and cultures!
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Welcome to New Zealand! Your January Getaway...

Posted on 1/22/15 11:07 AM by Jackie Dilworth
Are you one of 42% of Americans who didn’t take a vacation last year? Perhaps you’re looking for some creative inspiration to your healthy living?
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Ayrlawn Costume Parade: A Star Studded Event

Posted on 10/31/14 1:14 PM by Shakarra McGuire
Looking for some last minute costume inspiration? The students at YMCA Ayrlawn showcased these stunning Halloween fashions in their Annual Costume Parade! It was a star studded event with appearances by Queen Elsa, Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk, Batman and many more dignitaries. Check out some of the best costumes below!  We wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!
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