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15 Easy Ways to Squeeze in More Fitness

Posted on 6/15/16 9:57 AM by Beth Roessner
In order to reach your ideal health, you don’t need to spend hours at the gym or follow a strict eating regimen. Sometimes, it’s the small efforts that can yield the most results.  When you add in a little more fitness and movement into your daily life, you can see countless benefits—decrease in stress, increase in energy, lower just name a few!
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Exercise of the Month: Squats

Posted on 5/24/16 1:36 PM by Beth Roessner
The squat exercise is an all-powerful equalizer—it’s a great exercise for both fitness newbies and serious lifters for its toning and strengthening capabilities. But, as simple as it may be to lower yourself down, too often proper squat form is neglected, which can lead to injury. Standing tall, with your feet shoulder-distance apart and your arms at your side, lower down by pushing your hips back and bending your knees—as if you’re sitting in a chair. Push your bodyweight into your heels, and your arms will naturally begin to raise out in front of you for balance. Lower yourself as low as you can, aiming to get your thighs parallel with the ground, and ensure that your knees do not track in front of your toes. Pause in this position before lifting back up into the starting position.
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Exercise of the Month: Lunges

Posted on 3/16/16 10:19 AM by Beth Roessner
If your squats are feeling just a tad bit too easy, it may be time to implement a new leg move. A blend of strength and cardio, lunges are a lower-body burner that helps strengthen the glutes, quads and hamstring muscles. Starting in an upright position, take a large step forward. The thigh of your leading leg will be parallel with the ground, and ensure your knee does not exceed past your toes. Your back leg will be bent in a 90-degree position without your knee touching the ground. Pick your leading foot back up and return to standing. Continue with your other leg.
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Octogenarian Competes in 25-Year History of Leesburg 5K

Posted on 8/25/15 3:08 PM by Beth Roessner
The satisfaction of being healthy motivates Terry McCarthy to lace up his running shoes several days a week. A certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, Terry loves to run and be active. Terry has plans to run until he’s 100. He jokes that he’s “so disgustingly healthy.” An octogenarian, and a self-described “curmudgeon,” Terry competes in a number of local races, but one of his favorites is the Annual Leesburg 20K/5K that benefits YMCA Loudoun County. In the race’s 25-year history, he’s competed nearly every year.
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How age won't stop Erma

Posted on 8/14/15 3:00 PM by Beth Roessner
Erma Ellis-Stewart considers herself a “junior senior.” She won’t divulge her age, but the DC resident will admit she’s still under 65. Clad in a bright purple YMCA T-shirt, white leggings and purple-and-green striped sneakers on a Tuesday morning, Erma attended one of her favorite fitness classes, Pound.
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How the YMCA Changed David's Life

Posted on 5/28/14 3:37 PM by Tracey Mitchell
Recently I sent my 30 year old son a picture after taking a yoga class at the Reston Y. His response: “I never thought I'd see the day!” Then he went on to say, "the folks at Reston have helped to change your life!" How has the Reston Y changed your life and health?
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