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September Exercise of the Month: Push Ups

Posted on 9/21/16 9:46 AM by Beth Roessner
The pushup is a total-body exercise that in addition to working your triceps and chest, also engages your core and lower body. It’s a great strength-boosting exercise, and because it’s a bodyweight workout, it can easily be completed anywhere. Start in a plank position on your hands, with your tailbone tucked in and your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Engage your core, glutes and hamstrings so your entire body is straight. Slowly lower yourself toward the ground, bending at the elbows, and ensure your back is straight. The closer you tuck your elbows into your body, the more you work your triceps. When your chest skims the ground, or you’ve reached your lowest point, exhale and push back up to the starting position.
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August Exercise of the Month: Glute Bridge

Posted on 8/10/16 12:21 PM by Beth Roessner
Whether you’re a newbie exerciser to seasoned athlete, everyone needs their glute muscles to function. Made up of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, these three muscles work together to adbuct, rotate and extend the hip. When the glute muscles are strong, they improve things like posture or standing, and even make a task like climbing the stairs easier. Athletic performance also improves and when the glutes are strong, it decreases the risk of injury.
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July's Exercise of the Month: Tricep Dips

Posted on 7/20/16 8:09 AM by Beth Roessner
 An exercise move perfect for beginners and advanced exercisers alike is the tricep dip. Equally humbling and challenging, the tricip dip is a simple move that targets several muscle groups. The main muscles worked are the triceps, but other muscles that are challenged include the forearms, chest, shoulders and lower back. The moment you begin to dip, all these muscles begin to work to stabilize and balance yourself. 
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June's Exercise of the Month: High-Intensity Interval Training

Posted on 6/24/16 11:47 AM by Beth Roessner
Whether you're tired of your stale run on the treadmill, or suffer from not having an hour to dedicate to a solid workout, adding intensity may be your answer. When you combine intense exercises like squats, push-ups or jumping jacks, with short intervals of rest, you can create a calorie-blasting workout. High-intensity interval training (Hiit) creates a metabolic demand that can prove to be very effective for long-term fat loss and overall conditioning.
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15 Easy Ways to Squeeze in More Fitness

Posted on 6/15/16 9:57 AM by Beth Roessner
In order to reach your ideal health, you don’t need to spend hours at the gym or follow a strict eating regimen. Sometimes, it’s the small efforts that can yield the most results.  When you add in a little more fitness and movement into your daily life, you can see countless benefits—decrease in stress, increase in energy, lower just name a few!
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Exercise of the Month: Squats

Posted on 5/24/16 1:36 PM by Beth Roessner
The squat exercise is an all-powerful equalizer—it’s a great exercise for both fitness newbies and serious lifters for its toning and strengthening capabilities. But, as simple as it may be to lower yourself down, too often proper squat form is neglected, which can lead to injury. Standing tall, with your feet shoulder-distance apart and your arms at your side, lower down by pushing your hips back and bending your knees—as if you’re sitting in a chair. Push your bodyweight into your heels, and your arms will naturally begin to raise out in front of you for balance. Lower yourself as low as you can, aiming to get your thighs parallel with the ground, and ensure that your knees do not track in front of your toes. Pause in this position before lifting back up into the starting position.
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Exercise of the Month: Shoulder Press

Posted on 4/20/16 9:54 AM by Beth Roessner
From reaching over head to craning your neck to view a computer screen, your shoulders prove every day that they are needed for complete overall health. To keep them healthy and to keep your workout routine fresh, add in strengthening shoulder exercises like the shoulder press, April’s Exercise of the Month.
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How Play Can Deepen the Child-Parent Connection

Posted on 2/22/16 7:30 AM by Beth Roessner
As a mental health therapist, Ana Lilia Solis understands there can be a stigma associated with mental health counseling. So often, parents are afraid to seek the help of a psychologist to discuss a wide range of family issues—from behavioral to relationships. This hesitation can affect how parents and children relate, she said. Ana Lilia, a therapist with YMCA Youth & Family Services (YFS)--an organization devoted to serving the families in Montgomery County that are poor or have faced/ are facing trauma--hopes her program Play Academy ends the stigma of therapy, and parents develop deeper relationships with their children.
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Exercise of the Month: Mountain Climbers

Posted on 2/19/16 9:51 AM by Beth Roessner
Are you looking for a fresh way to boost your heart rate, torch calories and strengthen your core? Then it may be time to give mountain climbers a try.  Mountain climbers are a challenging body-weight exercise that start in a plank position, with the core held in tight. While in that position, the feet are then brought forward, one at a time as quickly as possible. This move can be done for bursts of time around 20 to 30 seconds. Combine with rest intervals and repetitions, and you have yourself a short HiiT workout! 
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Celebrate National Cookie Day With These Healthy Recipes

Posted on 12/4/15 10:04 AM by Beth Roessner
When you're living a healthy lifestyle, it can be tough to give up some of your favorite desserts, especially around the holidays.  Cookies, for example, are a staple dessert this season making appearances on platters, in break rooms and in gift boxes. Combine that with the celebration of National Cookie Day just 21 days before Christmas, makes the dessert all the more tempting.
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