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Adult Stroke Clinic (Master)

A class for serious adult swimmers who would like to compete in triathlons or swimming events or just improve endurance and stroke mechanics. All participants will improve skills while maintaining good health.

Aqua Pillates

This kind of workout relies on the resistance, buoyancy and gentle movement of water to increase flexibility, balance and strength.


For people who have a fear of the water or have never taken a swimming lesson. Water adjustment, kicking, arm strokes and confidence in deep water are emphasized.

Level 2

For people who can swim a short distance in shallow water with their faces in the water. Emphasis is on refining basic strokes and confidence in deep water.

Level 3

For those comfortable in deep water who want to improve their form and learn new strokes. Emphasis is on building endurance and mastering skills.

Level 4

For people who can swim a length or two of several strokes. Emphasis is on building skills and endurance for swimming as a physical activity.

Low-Impact Water Aerobics

Low impact water aerobics involve rhythmic, continuous movements that exercise large muscle groups. Aerobics improve your endurance and cardiovascular health. This aerobic level includes controlled arm and leg movements. Check with your doctor prior to starting any exercise program.


Here’s a competitive swim practice geared at refining your swimming stroke and building speed and endurance!


Multi-Disciplinary Swim

For adults looking to add intensity to their swimming routine. This class offers a full body workout, focusing on muscle groups.


Stroke Improvement

An advanced stroke technique class for adults who want to improve
efficiency, strength, and endurance in the pool. This course is great for anyone who wants to improve their lap swimming ability, including
triathletes and athletes.