YMCA Arlington Tennis & Squash Center

In Memory of Coach Labat: A Life of Service

At its heart, the Mel Labatt Scholarship Fund is about helping children and adults learn to play tennis for life. Therefore it is with deep gratitude that we accept your very kind donation in memory of Mel Labat. Mel has spent a lifetime teaching the community the fundamentals of tennis. Through his junior program, Mel also targeted the sportsmanship and character development of our youth.

Yours is truly a contribution that will directly help children and their families when they need us the most, but can least afford to be able to access a dynamic tennis program. For some, it’s as simple as turning to the Fund to cover the cost of tennis racquets and balls, so child/children of a family with limited income can continue to play the sport they love. For, another it could mean having access to courts to practice and play, so that kids can improve their skills during the winter months.

Whether helping families make ends meet, maintain their independence and be able to enroll their child in the lifetime sport of tennis, the Fund will be there thanks to your decision to honor a life well lived. Moreover, in turn, others will benefits too.

Thank you once again for remembering Mel Labat , by reaching out to other through The Mel Labat Tennis Scholarship Fund.

Your Sincerely,
Angie Reese-Hawkins