Refer a Friend




1. Accountability

Workout partners hold each other accountable because they keep each other on track and always reaching for their goals. 

2. Sharing goals and progress

A workout buddy offers companionship, but also creates a competition that can be extremely helpful when someone needs to push through that extra mile or squat. They also give each other someone to celebrate milestones with. Both members can go out to dinner and feel comfortable getting healthy meals without giving in to temptation.

3. Validation

Many people who are trying to lose weight get discouraged because of the rough weeks where weight doesn’t come off. Workout partners can see each other’s progress from the outside and provide motivation, positive feedback, and constructive criticism.

4. It’s fun!

Workout partners provide a sense of reliability and help transform working out into something more desirable – an active social gathering. For example, busy mothers would benefit from having someone else who is going through similar life changes. They can provide motivation and support, and it also gives them a chance to socialize away from the family.

5. You can earn a free month of membership!

When you refer a friend, both you and your friend will earn a free month of membership after they have been a part of our community for 90 days!