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Arts and Humanities

Arts & Humanities


Unleash your creative abilities through the arts! Come take a look and explore!

Bitty Messy
Arts Guitar Lessons
Intro To Photography
Mini Chefs
Mini Messy Arts
Mini Musicians
Petite Picassos
Preschool Sampler
Slime Science – A Wacky Adventure Through All Kinds Of Cool And Crazy Chemical Reactions.

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Are your kids in the mood for dancing? We offer a variety of different dance classes for those who just can’t stop those feet from moving! What a great way to expand your social skills and keep in shape at the same time.

Basic Movement & Dance
Tap (Ages 6-14)
Bitty Ballet
Dance/Art Class
Hip-Hop Dance
Intermediate Tap
Jazz Dance Class
Lyrical Dance
Pre-Ballet And Movement
Tap & Ballet

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Creative Movement

Younger youth ages 2 1/2 to 5 can learn or improve basic reading readiness skills through fun functional movement and activities.

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