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Animals and Farm Games

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Animal Adventures

Discover the wild world of animals in this roar of an adventure. See animals on daily excursions to the National Zoo, the Reston Zoo and many other exciting destinations where mini-zoologists can learn about the exciting lives of all types of animals. Travel to the Zoo, Local Animal Farms and Parks. Space is limited.

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Animal Planet

Crikey! Come on, 'mates, on a march "around the planet" to all different habitats and environments. Experience the myriad of animal life on our "Animal Planet." Learn about what makes animals tick with our lessons on predators and prey.

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Down on the Farm (at Ayrlawn PC)

Old MacDonald isn’t the only one who can have fun on the farm. Milk a cow, churn butter, pick-your-own and more in daily field trips to a variety of farms. Campers will tour several farms in the area and get to experience all that farm life has to offer. Visit local petting zoos, hay rides and plenty more.