Stake holder:

All website requests must be submitted with a Stakeholder selected. If you don’t know who your stakeholder is, please contact Guy Hash via email or by phone at 202-459-4263.

Details to provide: Please provide as much detail as possible in the Request section. This will help expedite the completion of the requested work on the website. Please be sure to provide a requested completion date for the request, with as much advance notice as possible, keeping in mind the details listed in the section below that follows.

Timeframe for completion: depending upon the nature of your website request, the length of time required to complete the request can range from within 24 hours to up to 7-business days. As an example of a quicker turnaround time, changing a schedule that is posted on a branch page can be achieved in less than 24-hours provided that the schedule is submitted as an attached PDF file and all content on the PDF is brand-compliant and accurate. If the content is not brand compliant or inaccurate, the request will not be completed as quickly. In the instance that a website request includes marketing creative support, the timeframe for completion may take longer than 24-hours depending again on the amount of work involved. Additionally, if your website change request involves changing a page layout or page functionality, thus requiring back-end coding, the timeframe for completing this request will be on the upper end of the range cited. Please keep all of this in mind when submitting website change requests and provide as much detail and advanced notice as possible.

Requests for new branch or program-specific websites:
please know that in order to help the most people to find out about your branch or program when they are doing a search online, it is best for your branch or program to reside within and not live on a separate, individual website. That said, there are many ways we can work together to help you achieve your goals and vision. When you fill out your request in the form above, indicate your interest in having a phone call to discuss your ideas & interests with your Stakeholder and Guy.

Top billing:
As a team, we are all working together to ensure that the YMCA website supports the Y mission and provides the best user experience for all. We understand that everyone using this website request webpage is seeking the top billing for the Y program or service that they are supporting on the YMCA website. Please know that we will work with you and your stakeholder to make your information as visible and easily accessible as possible. Please keep in mind that this effort is being equally undertaken for all that use this site, and the supporting decisions that are made will be backed by data and drive outcomes that best serve all.

Monthly Website stakeholder meetings:
each month, website stakeholders get together to discuss the current website performance, projects/initiatives underway and the website needs for the next 60-90 days. If you’d like to participate in an upcoming website Stakeholder meeting, please share your interest with your Stakeholder.