deepen your practice & find greater purpose

In the YMCA’s Accredited 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program, you will learn how to teach intelligent Yoga Asana, the history and philosophy of yoga, basic anatomy, art of assisting, meditation, pranayama, chakra system, yoga sutras, and the basic tools of being an inspiring teacher. You will develop proficiency through practice, teaching and learning to give/receive feedback. 

This program is made to revitalize your living. Our commitment is to empower you not only in the classroom, but in every aspect of your life. We believe that Yoga Teaching is not just something you do for an hour a day, but in every minute, every interaction, all the daily actions you take in your life. This is what sets us apart as other accredited Teacher Training Programs. You will be working closely with your peers and other Master Teachers of the Metro DC Yoga Community. 

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We believe that Yoga Teaching is not just something you do for an hour a day, but in every minute, every interaction, all the daily actions you take in your life. This is what sets us apart as an accredited 200 Hour Teacher Training Program.


Angela creates an environment where new teachers feel safe to learn by experience. Through the process, she is an exceptional mentor and friend. Your eyes will be opened to new worlds of yoga, but the connections you make with your fellow students – and with yourself – are what make this program the most worthwhile.” 

-Christopher T. Murray, Partner, ThompsonCoburn Law

Yoga Teacher Training prepared me to go deeper in reflecting on “who I am” and what it means to be present in my practice and daily living. Teacher training helped me to connect with other like-minded people who are seeking the “more and aliveness” in living.” 
-Linda Blake, Association Director of Marketing, YMCA Metropolitan DC

My yoga teacher training left an indelible mark on me. It provided me with many useful skills and lessons that have enhanced my life both on and off my yoga mat. Learning to speak authentically and engaging mindfully have greatly improved both my yoga teaching as well as many other facets of my professional and personal life. I highly recommend working and training with Angela to cultivate and grow these areas. Also I never imagined when I signed up for yoga teaching training many years ago that the friendships that I made in that class would continue to grow and flourish into some of the most important and meaningful relationships of my adult life.” 
-Rachel Wimberly, Program Coordinator, Survivor Affairs, United States Holocaust Museum

I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training with Angela Meyer not to become an instructor, but to deepen my personal practice and learn more about yoga in a group setting. It accomplished that, exposed me to great people, and to my surprise, opened many new doors for me. YTT was a very significant commitment, but a great investment in myself and an extremely worthwhile learning experience.”
-Danielle Reyes, Owner, Yoga Hikes

I highly recommend Angela Meyer’s yoga teacher training program. I was in her first group of teacher trainees in 2011 and had a wonderful experience. Angela is an inspiring leader and an effective teacher. She organized a cohesive curriculum and brought excellent teachers as guests. The training covered philosophy, the asanas and physical practice, meditation, pranayama, nutrition, and the "business" of yoga. Angela also helped trainees find their "teacher voice", focusing on verbal and nonverbal cues, leadership, and individual emotional growth. The program was rigorous and substantive, but also comfortable and fun. Her training allowed me to both become a confident yoga teacher and grow in my own yoga practice. Throughout the course, I felt supported by both Angela and the close-knit community she created.”
-Kerry Bollerman, Georgetown Law Student