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Welcome to the YMCA Calomiris Program Center! 

Check Out the Priceless Benefits of School-Age Child Care

We at YMCA Calomiris Program Center understand that a well-balanced adult starts at a young age. That is why our top-notch school-age child care in DC programs are designed with family in mind. We want to help your family thrive. We are experienced and love what we do. It is a joy to see your children develop and grow into productive, responsible, and overall good people. Here are the highlights of our school-age child care program:

  • Academic Support: We make sure they get the best homework help, tutoring, and STEM-based learning activities to make sure your child continues to thrive academically even outside school hours.
  • Healthy Development: Balance is everything so our programs include engaging physical activities and delicious nutritious snacks. Trust us to keep your child’s health and well-being our number one goal.
  • Social Interaction: Your child will be inspired at our Y. Every program offers a warm, inclusive environment where your child can make friends, build emotional intelligence, and develop interpersonal skills that will last a lifetime.

Summer Camps

Our summer camps are fun, educational, and filled with exciting activities. If you are looking for a fun summer that will help your little camper get inspired, build character, and learn new things, our camp is for you. 

Our philosophy is simple. Yes, summer camps are filled with fun and friendship, but they are also invaluable learning experiences. Explore new things, wake up new talents, and make forever friendships. You can trust our committed leadership team to ignite your child’s potential and bring out their best. 

Why Summer Camp at the YMCA?

For families in and around DC, summer camps allow children to expand their minds and social circle in a safe and nurturing environment. Our YMCA Calomiris Program Center offers a variety of summer camps that aim to develop personal growth, social skills, healthy movement, and creativity. 

Personal Development 

Our summer camps focus on personal growth. Your children will learn in a stimulating, fun-filled environment where they will have priceless opportunities to be independent thinkers, build resilience and teamwork, and discover their unique passions. Our programs are designed to create a strong foundation for developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Every challenge, game, and activity is an opportunity for children to step out of their comfort zones and discover their strengths.

Create Teamwork and Develop Social Skills

Summer camps create teamwork and build character. At YMCA Calomiris Program Center, children learn skills that they will use for a lifetime, including communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution. They also get to explore the dynamics of friendship, empathy, and respect for others. The Y is a safe place for child care in DC where lifelong friendships begin.

Gets them Moving For Active and Healthy Living

We keep your campers moving! Our summer camps include fun, energizing get-up-and-move physical activities, from traditional sports to eye opening adventures. Kids stay active and build strong bodies, practice teamwork, and so much more.

Learning Life Skills Through Play

Learning and playing go hand in hand at our DC summer camps. Campers explore different topics, learn new concepts, and apply their knowledge in fun, practical ways. Your camper will enjoy hands on activities to motivate them to learn more, ask questions, and develop a love for learning.

Boosting Self-Confidence

Our camp is full of fun challenges that will certainly boost your child’s self confidence. Summer camps are always a judgment-free safe space to try something new. They might not get it perfect the first time, but they have many opportunities to try and try again which is incredibly important for growing minds and bodies.

Types of Summer Camps

YMCA Calomiris Program Center hosts a variety of camps tailored to different interests and age groups. Each one is designed to provide a unique, enriching experience. 

Traditional Camps

Our traditional camps are a delightful blend of timeless and innovative activities. They encompass a variety of programs, from arts and crafts, to sports and games, to nature exploration and leadership activities. Your camper will explore different interests, discover new talents, and enjoy a well-rounded camp experience. This diversity not only ensures that each day is filled with excitement and novelty but also nurtures a broader understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

Teen Camps

Exclusively designed for teenagers, these camps focus on leadership development, community service, and outdoor adventure. Here, we cater to the growing minds of adolescents by providing a more mature, and supportive environment. From adventure treks and team-building activities to service projects and leadership workshops, these camps are designed to empower teens, foster self-confidence, and cultivate civic responsibility.

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YMCA Calomiris is not just a summer camp or a childcare program. It’s a welcoming community where your child can grow, explore, and have fun! So come, join us this summer, and give your child an unforgettable experience!