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Dear Y Families

We would like to share with you, our families, information that will continue to help keep your child healthy as well as other children and our staff at the YMCA, given the recent outbreak of the flu and other viruses. It is our common practice to follow proper handwashing procedures as well as sanitizing toys and common areas nightly. We will continue with these practices as well as follow appropriate guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control. Here are some helpful tips that you, as parents, can help support us in our effort to prevent the spread of illnesses.



If your child gets a fever and cough, this is what you should do: 


Our staff will continue to follow the state licensing, National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC) regulations, American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations, and the Y’s Standard Operating Procedures when it comes to illnesses including documenting and reporting. Please remember if your child has to go home due to a reported illness, he or she must return with a doctor’s release (clear for at least 24 hours without symptoms and without medication).


Please visit this link to learn more about what the Y is doing, and what you can do, to prevent the spread of viruses like the flu and coronavirus:


We want to thank you for your continued support.



YMCA Staff


Note:  To all YMCA members that have traveled internationally this year, or have plans to travel internationally later this year, please visit this link for the latest on travel restrictions and requirements