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Gymnastics Classes & Programs

The YMCA Woodmont Gymnastics Center offers a gradual and comprehensive gymnastics program under the guidance of trained professional staff. It is intellectually stimulating, aesthetically pleasing to perform and watch, and is a colorful Olympic sport like this summer in Tokyo, Japan.

The main objective within the classes is to provide a sound base of gymnastics that leads to advanced gymnastics and/or a lifetime of athletic activity.


Children learn basic tumbling skills and gain confidence while using special preschool and standard gym apparatus. The 60-minute class focuses on enhancing basic body movement, coordination, and muscle development through physical activities such as hopping, skipping, jumping and stretching. Must be potty trained. (coed)

At this point, kids are moving fast and ready to fly. This 60-minute class continues with basic tumbling and movement skills, including rolls, cartwheels and handstands, and increases the use of the high beam and bars. (coed)

Students learn more challenging skills on all equipment, increase their flexibility and strength training, and work to develop major balance skills and perform harder strength moves. (coed)

*This class requires the completion of the Beginners class.

This class will provide your child with a remarkable gymnastics experience, not just through tumbling and dance but through movement with colorful ribbons, balls, clubs, hoops, and ropes set to music. This class will improve strength, coordination and flexibility. Girls with previous gymnastics or ballet experience may try for the advanced level. Leotards and toe shoes required.


The YMCA Summer Gymnastics Training Academy is designed to provide a full gymnastics experience at the YMCA Woodmont Gymnastics Training Center located in Arlington, VA. Emphasis is placed on skill development in all Olympic events just like in Tokyo Summer Olympics. Training is enhanced through dance, trampoline, strength training, nutrition, and sports psychology instruction. Gymnasts will have exclusive use of state-of-the-art training. Facility. The facility is fully equipped with AAI equipment and much more.

We are offering your gymnasts:

  • Small student-instructor ratio
  • Training and classes in all Olympic events
  • Conditioning
  • Outstanding strength and flexibility classes
  • Classes on routine composition
  • Aerobic warm-ups
  • Ballet & jazz for gymnastics
  • Positive coaching and motivation
  • Professional coaches on staff
  • Fun activities!


The YMCA Gymnastics Team starts at Level 3 and goes through optional levels and EXCL. We follow the USAG curriculum and guidelines. To be a part of the team, you must be evaluated by the head coach and then be invited to participate. Regular attendance is expected of all team members.

Please call the Woodmont Center to arrange the evaluation by the head coach 703-527-4966.

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