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Jake Taccardi Memorial Fund

On behalf of the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington, our President/CEO Angie Reese Hawkins, Board of Directors, staff and the thousands of children served by the YMCA, we are deeply saddened by the loss of a dear friend, Jake.

We are indeed thankful to the family of Jake for allowing him to be a part of our lives and for giving the spirit of life learning and always seeking to discover more. Whether he was teaching, training, coaching or working with our children at the YMCA Loudon County Program Center, you could always see the excitement in Jake and know the impact he had on the individuals he touched. He was and will always be an inspiration to the work we do to encourage our young people to aspire to be phenomenal individuals.

It’s hard to put into words the impact that someone like Jake had on the lives of the children he worked with. There’s no tangible measurement, no numbers, no scale, no data that truly expresses the change a person can have on the lives of children. Instead, you are presented with far more rewarding evidence. The smiles you leave on a child’s face, the sheer joy that emanates from them even when doing the simplest of things, the sense of accomplishment you receive when helping a child to complete a task or goal they had yet to accomplish on their own. Although these reactions and interactions seem menial or small, they are among some of the most rewarding for a child care professional, all of which were presented to Jake on a regular basis.
Jake enjoyed working at the YMCA and was truly inspirational to the children he worked alongside with. The children looked forward to seeing him each day. There was no shortage of energy and enthusiasm when it came to making the children happy. “Jake the Wizard” or “The Magical Wizard Jake” as many of the kids called him, always provided excitement. He had a knack for leaving the children in awe when he showed them his skill with his light stick and balance wand. When it comes to sports and games, you would be hard pressed to find someone more willing to jump in and play the games with the kids. Whether it was kickball, football, or silent speed ball, Jake was all in, and the kids loved him for it.
As we have come to know more and more, Jake worked very hard to create a career for himself in the child care field, more specifically with the YMCA. His passion for teaching came from his experience with the children in the Y. This type of drive and enthusiasm for child care, although not rare, is difficult to cultivate and create. It is something that comes from inside, and can only grow with commitment, determination and patience. All of which Jake possessed.
As a testament to Jake’s ever-growing love for the children he works with, his family and the YMCA have set up a fund in Jake’s name, the Jake Taccardi YMCA Fund. Through the kindness and generosity of Jake’s loved ones, this fund and the donations it collects will now help to provide scholarships and financial assistance for children and families who would otherwise not be able to afford the costs of child care. With the donations collected, many children will now be able to experience the joy, learning opportunities, excitement and care that Jake was a part of. Jake will be greatly missed by all and we will keep him in our memory always.YMCA Loudoun CountyBe Good. Do Good. Feel Good

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