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YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase / YMCA Ayrlawn Program Specialty: STEM Camps


A magician never reveals his secrets… except to our campers! Learn the basics behind the art of slight of hand and take home some tricks to impress your families!


Facinated by rockets and planes? Join a team of camp engineers to explore the world of movement building rockets, making parachutes, learning about airplanes, and more! Once each session we will be visiting the Air & Space Museum.


Checkmate! Have you ever been stumped with how the chess pieces move? Have no fear! Chess camp will teach you the basics. Chess players will learn the different chess pieces and how they work. Players learn basic strategies and good sportsmanship.


Investigate engineering from inside out. Enjoy taking things apart to see what is inside and discover how they can be put together again. This is a great camp for curious minds that always want to know how things work.


Calling all Crime Science Young Investigators.  Perform cool science experiments that will make you feel like you are doing forensic science. CSI games with fingerprint, chromatography, solve a mystery a day with newly acquired skills that real detectors use to make for a summer of excitement


Join us on a wacky adventure through all kinds of cool and crazy chemical reactions. Use chemicals to make slippery slime and watch colors separate before your eyes! Find out how to make volcanoes erupt, what oobleck is, how to make gak and more! Add in messy games and activities, creating a slimy, grimy, goopy and magical experience.


Use Legos to explore, investigate, experiment, question and build engaging hands-on science activities. Campers will have an opportunity to create, build and program robots along with other engineering tasks.


While schools out for the summer, science doesn’t take a break.  Through different experiments, campers will explore and dive deeper into the world of science.


Crack open some everyday myths doing fun, hands-on activities involving forces of flight, crashes and collisions, the weird world of water, and the science of sports. Test your knowledge and find out if you are the ultimate Mythbuster!


Join us for some amazing science experiments and cool projects! Learn chemistry concepts, build models or a vortex volcano in a bottle. Every day offers a new experience for campers to become scientific sleuths – learning how to ask bright questions and find right answers.


Goop rules! Young mad scientists get down and dirty creating concoctions and potions and gurgling substances—some of them edible, some too icky to even think about eating.


Does your little camper have what it takes to crack the case? In this camp, campers will become science sleuths. Using hands-on detective work, children will gather and test “crime scene” clues, make and analyze their own fingerprints, decipher codes, encrypt messages and much more. Every day brings another scene to solve


Let’s get messy! Our Mini Scientists will take part it lots of different experiments to explore and dive deeper into the world of science.

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