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Pickleball Community Impact

Funny name. Great game.

Simpler than tennis, a better workout than ping pong, and way more fun than a treadmill, Pickleball combines the best parts of several sports to create an easy and accessible way for people of all ages to have fun, workout, and socialize. More than 2.5 million people in the U.S. love this low-impact, fast-paced game, because it was designed to include people of all ages and skill sets.

As part of our mission to inspire families and communities to come together, get active, and stay healthy, Pickleball gives everyone an exciting and fun way to get moving and stick with it.

In 2021, Pickleball World Champions Ben and Collin Johns joined a local YMCA Pickelball clinic to share their expertise. YMCA of Metropolitan Washington is one of the few organizations that offer both indoor and outdoor courts for Pickleball.