Private Pickleball Instruction | YMCA DC

Private Pickleball Instruction

Meet Sonny Tannan

Sonny has been coaching and playing sports since his days in college. He transitioned from coaching as a tennis pro in various tennis clubs, to Nike and eventually to the sport of pickleball. He is a Team HEAD-sponsored player, USA Pickleball Ambassador and PPR Certified Professional. Feel free to check out his website ( or reach out to connect with him on social media.

He welcomes every level of play to step on the court in order to learn something about their game and how to elevate it to the next level. If you have just begun to play the sport or are looking for competitive strategy and tactics for tournament-level play, you will leave each lesson with at least 1 actionable item to improve your game.

For more information or to schedule a private, semi-private or group lesson, please email [email protected]

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