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Mini/Kid Fit/Teen Programs

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Jujitsu Program – For Adults Only


These classes are designed to teach the basics of ballet. Children will gain increased coordination, balance, and flexibility. (Studio 1) Ages: 3-8 When: Preschool (3-5 yr. olds) – Sundays 11:45-12:15 Youth (6-8yr. olds) – Sundays 12:20-1:20 Cost Full Member – $60.00 Program Member $75.00 Register Today

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Martial Arts

This traditional Japanese Martial Arts class allows youth to exercise the entire body and activate every muscle group. Benefits include improved strength, self-control, and mental sharpness while in a safe and caring environment. (Studio II/GYM) New registrations must be approved by Paul Linehan, [email protected], before registering for class. Ages: 6-13 When: Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm with Mr. […]

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Cheer & Dance

Learn the fundamentals of cheerleading including basic motions, jumps, cheers, and chants. Basic dance routines including popular line dances will also be taught. (Studio I) First class starts September 12 Ages: 6-10 When: Youth (6-10) – Thursdays 5:00pm-5:45pm Costs: Full Member – $50:00 Program Member – $65.00 Register Today

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These classes are designed to teach the basketball basics of passing, dribbling, shooting, defense and teamwork in a fun and entertaining instructional class setting. (Studio II/GYM). First class starts Sept. 11 Ages: 3-12 When:  Preschool (3-5 yr. olds) Rookies (6-8 yr. olds) Winners (8-12 yr. olds) Cost: Full Member – $60.00 Program Member – $75.00 […]

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