Are membership payments continuing at this time?

The YMCA is a nonprofit charity that relies on membership dues and donations to support the majority of the work we do. Without ongoing support from YMCA members, the Y may cease to exist, and this will leave a critical gap in services (that goes well beyond health and wellness) across the metropolitan region. While being sensitive to individual financial needs and circumstances, the YMCA respectfully requests that members continue their membership payments at this time. All membership payments made while the YMCA is closed will be recognized as tax-deductible charitable contributions to the YMCA. If you cannot afford to continue your regular membership payments, but still want to help in some capacity, please email [email protected]. Members that continue to support the YMCA in this way will receive a letter acknowledging their contribution at year-end to be used for tax purposes. The Y is a 501(c)3, notfor-profit organization that exists to serve the community and we have accordingly transitioned the use of YMCA facilities and the focus of YMCA staff in effort to meet the most critical needs in our community at this time.


Can I place my membership on hold?

Members may place their monthly membership payments on hold at this time for 1 – 2 months and the standard hold fee will be waived. For more information, please contact [email protected]. Please know that over time, based on the state of the pandemic and corresponding government mandates, the hold policy will be reassessed.




I registered for a class/program/service that has already been cancelled. Will I receive a refund?

So that we can be prepared to offer you the same class/program/service when we reopen, the YMCA will provide a credit for your participation in the next scheduled class/program/service of your choice. If you need a refund at this time, please email [email protected].


I registered for a class/program/service that may be cancelled depending on when the Y reopens. What is going to happen?

The YMCA will be in communication with you regarding the facility operating status and our ability to deliver the class/program/service that you are registered to participate in. Visit www.ymcadc.org/stayinformed for updates.


Is the YMCA still planning to have camp this summer?

Yes. Unless government mandates and the guidance of health officials require otherwise, the YMCA is planning to offer a great camp experience this summer. As summer approaches, the YMCA will inform parents and families according.




When will the YMCA reopen?

The YMCA will reopen when government officials permit & the guidance from health organizations support that it is safe to do so. YMCA branches & staff are working hard to support the critical needs in our communities at this time, including:

  • Free meals will be provided to children at our YMCA branches and program centers. Details will soon be available at www.ymcadc.org/stayinformed.
  • Free produce is being distributed to anyone in need across each community we serve. To learn more, please click here.
  • We will be providing childcare for the children of emergency responders and medical professionals in our branches.
  • In partnership with the Red Cross, our staff are supporting blood drives at Y facilities to address the shortage of blood supplies in our local hospitals. Information will soon be updated at www.ymcadc.org/stayinformed.
  • We continue to support our Fit and Well Seniors by providing them with virtual options to stay healthy, active, and connected in their homes. Please visit https://www.ymcadc.org/virtual-fit-well/ to learn more.
  • Our dedicated teams are communicating directly with youth and their families to provide help needed through YMCA Youth and Family Services.
  • YMCA staff are coordinating volunteer support to help those in need. Please visit www.ymcadc.org/stayinformed for updates.


What is the YMCA doing to prepare for reopening?

  • Caring for our staff. While the YMCA is still financially capable of doing so, YMCA full-time staff and childcare staff are continuing to be paid, provided access to mental and physical health services, and receiving regular communications from the YMCA. We are identifying appropriate opportunities for part-time staff to continue to work and receive pay while adhering to government mandates on facility operations. You can help care for our staff by generously donating to the Acts of Kindness/COVID1-9 Fund online at: https://www.ymcadc.org/acts-of-kindness/
  • Caring for our community: the YMCA is distributing produce; providing child care support for first responders and medical personnel; supporting blood drives; providing mental health services; and more. Full-time hourly staff will also be reaching out to members in our communities to check on their well-being. Please visit www.ymcadc.org/stayinformed for a full list of all the ways the YMCA is caring for our community.
  • Caring for YMCA facilities and assets: the YMCA is thoroughly cleaning each facility, all equipment, and buses. The Y is making as many cost effective enhancements as possible while the facilities are closed.


What services are being provided by the YMCA at this time?

In addition to the critical services that the YMCA is providing to the community that were previously shared (blood drives, emergency childcare services, etc.), the YMCA is offering a wide range of digital and virtual services to the community at www.ymcadc.org/virtualymca. The content is updated daily and the list will be expanded beyond the current offering of:

– Group Exercise Classes
– Personal Wellness Training services
– Youth Development Programs
– Nutrition & Healthy Eating educational classes
– Cooking Classes
– Tennis Programs
– Aquatics Programs



I have additional questions and would like to speak with a representative.

Please contact your local branch or [email protected] for assistance.

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All YMCA of Metropolitan Washington facilities are closed. The YMCA plans to reopen all YMCA facilities as soon as it is permitted by the government officials and supported by health organizations. The Y is currently supporting critical needs in each community. Learn more at www.ymcadc.org/stayinformed.