YMCA Alexandria

Welcome to the Y!  Please browse our selection of amenities and activities below and click the Hours of Operation button below for pool, child care, and holiday hours. We look forward to your visit!

At YMCA Alexandria, you get so much more than a gym membership. Our goal is to strengthen the bonds in our community and help members reach their health and fitness goals. Your membership also allows us to offer youth, health, and social responsibility programs that strengthen and lift the whole community.

More Than a Gym Membership

The YMCA is more than just a gym.We offer programs designed to enrich your life and our community in a supportive environment that keeps you motivated to reach your goals!

Gym Membership

With an individual or family YMCA gym membership in Alexandria, you’ll have everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our state-of-the-art equipment helps ensure you’re building muscle and endurance safely, and group classes keep your visits fresh and fun with inspiring coaches and new friends. Whether you’re looking for cardio, free weights, or resistance equipment, the Y’s experts will provide guidance and support to keep you motivated, moving, and coming back for more. 

Child Care

A gym membership with the Y also gets you discounted child care and camps! The YMCA offers a variety of childcare options to meet your child’s needs. Each option provides a warm, nurturing environment that encourages curiosity, community, and collaboration.

Summer Camps

The Y offers children a wide variety of camp options to choose from. Summer camp options in Alexandria include:

Community Health Programs

Everybody has a different picture of what healthy looks like to them. Different members have different needs, and as YMCA pass-holders, you’ll have access to multiple community health programs to help optimize your wellbeing. Choose from several different health programs, including:

  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Cooking Classes
  • Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring
  • Community Health Information Sessions
  • Prescribe the Y (for healthcare providers interested in referring patients to our programs)

Fitness Classes

Whether you want to move to the music, kick-box till your core is sore, or clear your mind during yoga, the YMCA provides youth, adults, seniors and whole families with the guidance and resources needed to achieve greater health and well-being for mind, body, and spirit.  Our certified instructors get hearts pumping and muscles flexing whether they’re helping seniors improve balance, or encouraging a class to salsa till they sweat.  Your Y has a gym class to meet your needs every day. 


The Y is more than a gym in Alexandria with a pool. Beyond a place to do laps on your own, or play games with friends and family, we offer a robust aquatics program and a huge indoor pool that’s open year round. At the YMCA, the pool ensures that people of all ages and ability levels have a low-impact way to get moving and stay healthy.  And our water safety programs and swimming classes for every age ensure that people of all backgrounds can be safe around water, and have access to a life-long healthy activity.

Kids Sports

Most of our popular youth sports programs were benched for safety purposes during COVID, but staff members and coaches are hard at work to bring these family favorites back soon!  Keep an eye out for emails and updates at the branch to make sure your kids don’t miss out on all the friends and fun! 

Nutrition Counseling

Looking to lower your blood pressure, prevent diabetes, manage your weight, or just eat healthier?  Our expert nutrition counselors are standing by with the information and inspiration you need to start cooking and eating healthier meals. We offer 3,6, or 9 session packages so you can get the coaching you need, and we offer a sliding payment scale to ensure those of all backgrounds can get the help they need to take control of their diet.

Once you sign up for counseling you’ll:

  • Meet with a licensed dietician and create a plan tailored to your needs
  • Review eating habits and challenges and develop a plan that works with your life
  • Plan S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound)
  • Find healthy substitutions that make it easier to stick with your plan
  • Use evidence-based data and tools so you can see your progress and stay motivated!

Join YMCA Alexandria Today!

There’s no better place for all of your fitness, nutritional, and recreational needs for you AND your family. The YMCA is an excellent place to strengthen yourself, your family, your friendships, and your whole community. Sign up today for a healthier tomorrow!