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Fall in love with gymnastic programs at the YMCA Arlington Woodmont Gymnastics Center. If you are looking for a popular, energizing, and enjoyable lifelong activity for your child, our gymnastics classes and programs are for you. What sets gymnastics apart from other kids’ sports and activities? Take a look at the priceless benefits that your children will enjoy now and take with them throughout their entire life.

Top Benefits of Gymnastics for Kids

Gymnastics is much more than tumbling and dancing. It is a comprehensive, challenging, fun activity that develops and strengthens both your child’s developing mental and physical skills. Practicing gymnastics promotes discipline, builds confidence, and develops mindfulness. Gymnastic activities can also help in other areas including school, friendships, and healthy lifestyle habits. Take a look:

Promotes Physical Fitness

Gymnastics is an excellent activity that helps children improve their bone strength, muscle flexibility, coordination, and balance. It is also an aerobic exercise that boosts the immune system and cardiovascular health.

Develops Mental Strength & Memory

Gymnastics teaches commitment, spatial awareness, problem solving, self discipline, concentration, and focus in a fun and energetic way. Gymnastics will help children improve their memory skills as they must remember choreographed routines.

Teaches Emotional Intelligence

Gymnastics helps children develop and strengthen their emotional intelligence skills by overcoming challenges and losses in a supportive environment. 

Enhances Social Skills and Relationships

Gymnastics teaches the importance of teamwork by showing that supporting others is important to overall success. Lifelong friendships are developed and nurtured through gymnastics classes, activities, and performances.

Nurtures Poise and Posture

Gymnastics is an aerobic activity that teaches students to stand tall and keep muscles flexible and core muscles engaged for proper poise and posture.

We Offer Gymnastic Programs For A Variety of Ages and Skill Levels

Everyone is welcome to join in on the gymnastics fun in our safe, friendly, state-of-the-art facility. Rest assured that your child will learn from expert gymnasts and professionally trained professionals in a clean, and enjoyable environment. Our classes and programs are designed for a variety of ages and skill levels that begin at age three. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation that leads to more advanced gymnastics and a lifelong love of this timeless sport. 

Ringers: Ages 3 – 5

It’s all about having fun for our budding athletes. Our one-hour Ringers program introduces little ones to the foundational elements in a fun-filled environment. Children aged three to five learn basic tumbling skills and introduce beginners to body movement through fun activities like hopping, skipping, jumping, and stretching. (Must be potty-trained).

Tumblers: Ages 4 – 6

This age group has fun learning tumbling skills basics while focusing on enhancing basic body movement, coordination, and muscle development through fun activities like hopping, skipping, jumping, and stretching. (Must be potty-trained).

Recreational I and II: Ages 6 and up

Recreational I: This age group is ready to move along and fly high with basic tumbling and movement skills including rolls, cartwheels, and handstands. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child’s skill level will develop and grow as they get to know everything they can accomplish. They will also get to try out and become familiar with the high beams and bars.

Recreational II: After completing Recreational I successfully, students will continue their gymnastics journey. This is a more challenging class that encompasses properly using the special equipment. It also focuses on increasing muscle flexibility, strength training, and developing major balance skills.

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Ages 5

A truly remarkable, rewarding, and exciting experience, the Rhythmic Gymnastics offers more than you can imagine. It’s a colorful, magical, and musical blend of fun using ribbons, balls, clubs, hoops and ropes. This special class is designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, and musicality. Note that students with previous gymnastics or ballet experience may move forward to the more advanced level. Leotards and toe shoes are required for this engaging class.

Summer Gymnastics Academy

Our YMCA Gymnastics Training Academy is a summer full of everything gymnastics! It’s fun, challenging, professional, and motivating. It prepares more serious gymnasts for what it is like to be a professional athlete. They will see just what it takes to get to the Olympics. Students will enhance their training with dance, trampoline, strength training, nutrition, and sports psychology instruction. They will be exposed to and have exclusive use of a fully equipped state-of-the-art training facility. Gymnastics Academy offers your gymnast an exciting list of exclusive benefits including, small student-to-instructor ratios, training and classes in Olympic events, positive, professional, motivating coaches and so much more. 

YMCA Gymnastics Team

Our award-winning YMCA Gymnastics Team is designed for students who want to commit to competitive gymnastics. This professional and advanced training further develops and strengthens their skills, provides a teamwork environment, and prepares them to compete. This collaborative and challenging process will continue their passion for the sport while encouraging them to strive and thrive for gymnastics excellence. Students interested in joining the team are evaluated by the head coach and invited to participate. Contact the YMCA to schedule an appointment.

Sign your Child up for Gymnastics Today!

Everything we offer at the YMCA Arlington Woodmont Gymnastics Center is designed with your family’s well-being in mind. Rest assured that our instructors are gymnastic professionals, certified and trained in First Aid and CPR, in the event of an emergency. They are compassionate, empathetic people who are passionate about gymnastics and are here to add happiness to your child’s life.

If you are ready to watch your child blossom into a confident, strong happy, well-rounded person, enroll today. Call us or stop by our Arlington Woodmont Gymnastics Center location to learn more and tour our world-class facility. We’re excited to meet you and your future gymnast.