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Early Learning Program


YMCA Early Learning Program uses the Creative Curriculum in conjunction with the Gold assessment tool. The Creative curriculum incorporates experiences that permit learning through guided play and active discovery. By incorporating the latest research on early childhood, the curriculum focuses on development of the whole child – cognitive, social, and physical. We also provide electronic daily reports (tadpoles). Every month we have prepared special events and/or field trips for the children enrolled in our program.


  • A safe and nurturing environment, instilling socially-conscious values and reinforcing positive skills.
  • Tadpoles-electronic check-in/out and daily report system
  • Enrichment Programs (a series of project-based learning units of study which encompass the arts, science, and physical activity)
  • A large outdoor playground area.
  • Swimming lessons and recreational swimming
  • Additional youth sports classes, swimming, and club activities available
  • Community events and outreach


Infant Care & Preschool

The YMCA Loudoun County Early Learning Program offers both a Full Day (6:30am -6pm) and Half Day (8:30am-12:30pm) early learning program for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. Students spend their days in a fun and educational learning environment that offers flexible options to meet the needs of the families in our community.


Full-Day Early Learning Program
* 6:30am -6:00pm (10 hour max drop-off per day)
* 5 day, 3 day, or 2-day options
* Tuition includes Breakfast, Lunch and an Afternoon Snack

Half-Day Early Learning Program
* 8:30am-12:30pm
* 5 day, 3 day, or 2-day options
* Tuition includes breakfast and lunch


To schedule a tour, receive more information or to register your child for our Early Learning Program, please email Kristy.Atanackovic@ymcadc.org

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