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Early Learning

The YMCA Anthony Bowen Early Learning Center is a licensed program through OSSE Office of Child Care. Our well-prepared early learning teachers help your children build character, self-esteem, friendships, and kindergarten readiness!

We provide:

  • A safe, caring and nurturing environment for children ages 2 to  5 years old.​
  • A 1 2-month Half  Day Program from  9:00am – 1:OOpm.​
  • A 12-month Full-Day Program  from  7:00am- 6:30pm.​
  • Catered breakfast, lunch, and snack included in monthly tuition for both programs.​
  • Yoga Class on Wednesdays, Cooking on Thursdays.​
  • Special events and/or field trips every month.​
  • Weekly Spanish classes.​
  • Weekly PHD (Physical, Healthy, and Driven)  classes​

We proudly use:

  • ​Tadpoles®, an online daily reporting system that allows our teachers to upload​ information and pictures into your child’s file immediately for more accurate assessments.​
  • The Creative Curriculum Gold®, a curriculum that permits learning through guided play and active discovery by incorporating the latest research on early childhood development.​


Shaneice Chandler at [email protected]

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