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Early Learning

YMCA Anthony Bowen offers a full-day early learning program for children ages 2-5 years old. Students spend their days in a fun and educational learning environment that offers flexible options to meet the needs of the families in our community. Through hands-on learning activities, the Center aims to lay the foundation for the future so that children can grow to be caring, respectful, honest and responsible lifelong learners!

YMCA Early Learning Program uses The Creative Curriculum™ in conjunction with the Gold assessment tool. Creative Curriculum™ incorporates experiences that permit learning through guided play and active discovery. The curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child—cognitive, social, and physical.

We provide:

  • A safe, caring and nurturing environment for children ages 2 to  5 years old.​
  • A 12-month Full-Day Program  from  8:00am- 5:30pm.​
  • Catered breakfast, lunch, and snack included in monthly tuition for both programs.​
  • Yoga Class on Wednesdays, Cooking on Thursdays.​
  • Special events and/or field trips every month. However, field trips are currently on hold due to COVID-19.
  • Weekly Spanish classes.​
  • Weekly PHD (Physical, Healthy, and Driven)  classes​

We proudly use:

  • ​Tadpoles®, an online daily reporting system that allows our teachers to upload​ information and pictures into your child’s file immediately for more accurate assessments.​
  • The Creative Curriculum Gold®, a curriculum that permits learning through guided play and active discovery by incorporating the latest research on early childhood development.​


Cherice Smith at Cherice.Smith@ymcadc.org