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Dear Y Members

Click here to view the email that was sent to members on November 5th.
Click here to view the email that was sent to members on May 28th.
Dear YMCA Members,
You are invited to join the YMCA next week as we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., through The Y Cares: an initiative that uplifts, connects, celebrates and encourages those who need it. Join us in uplifting hospital and front-line health workers, who have been bravely caring for and tending to our neighbors throughout the pandemic; sending messages of hope, love, and inspiration to COVID19 patients who have been in isolation from friends, family, and loved ones; and, celebrating our teachers, who have been serving and supporting the development of children throughout the pandemic. Please visit starting on Monday, January 18th, to participate in The Y Cares initiative.
January 18th through January 22nd
Next week, the hours of operation in each Y have been adjusted as you can see on this link, in recognition of Inauguration day and the impact that it has on travel across the area. As many of our staff rely on the use of public transportation to support their daily commute, the Y has adjusted the hours of operation to support their safe and reliable travel. Please know that on day(s) when the YMCA is closed, the YMCA will continue to offer Group Exercise classes virtually, as available, recognizing that not all of our instructors have the ability to broadcast their classes from home. Please click on this link, and select your branch location, to see the updated schedule of classes that are available next week virtually from at your branch instructors. You can also click here, to see the full Association’s virtual schedule that is broadcast on Facebook.
The CDC is clear: vaccines are one of the greatest success stories in public health. Through use of vaccines, smallpox was eradicated and the wild polio virus nearly eliminated. The number of people who experience the devastating effects of preventable infectious diseases like measles, diphtheria, and whooping cough is at an all-time low. To learn more about the multiple COVID19 vaccines that are available, please click here to visit a webpage that the YMCA has developed to connect members and staff to the information that is available through the CDC and health organizations in each jurisdiction, to prepare to get the COVID19 vaccine. #Make A Difference Today.
Out of an abundance of caution, the travel protocol that has been in effect all month continues:
  • The YMCA will continue asking all members and staff who travel to states other than Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia to receive a negative COVID19 test result or quarantine for 10-days prior to returning to the YMCA.
  • The YMCA is asking all members that have not been to the YMCA over the last 90-days to please first contact the Y and speak to their branch Executive Director to review all the protocols required within the facility that have been implemented since the pandemic started and to obtain approval for your return to the YMCA.
The YMCA will continue to enforce 100% proper wearing of masks, including covering the nose and mouth in accordance with CDC recommendations, by everyone on YMCA property. A reminder that for your health and that of your community, this policy will be strictly enforced. Social distancing requirements will continue to be upheld.
Yours In Good Health,
Your YMCA Family
Dear YMCA Members,
Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Y has maintained a laser focus on creating and maintaining a safe environment for our Y community to continue engaging in individual and collective health and wellness services, during a critical time. Since reopening, we have received positive feedback from hundreds of members on the Y’s efforts to both educate and implement safety protocols and guidelines at your Y for members and staff alike. For your information, the six Y’s across the Metropolitan Area have had 144,424 visits by members since reopening. The Y would like to share that there have been 10 reported instances of a member testing positive for COVID. This is significantly less than the local and national contraction rates, both current and projected. This is also a correlating indicator that there has been no community spread of COVID within YMCA facilities. The Y leadership would like to express our appreciation to all members and staff as we believe this is a direct reflection of your focus on, adherence to, and support of the recommended protocols and guidelines. At this time, your Y will build on our Cautious Re-Opening Approach by Raising the Guard for Your Health.
  • The YMCA, supported by local government agencies, is asking all members that travel over the holiday from Thursday, November 19th through Monday, November 30th, anywhere outside of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, upon return, to either obtain a negative COVID test result or quarantine for two weeks prior to returning to the YMCA.
  • The YMCA is requiring all members that have not been to the YMCA over the last 90-days to please first contact the Y and speak to their branch Executive Director to review all the protocols required within the facility that have been implemented since the pandemic started and to obtain approval for your return to the YMCA.
  • The Y staff are being asked not to travel out of the area over the holiday and the Y will require those staff that do travel to quarantine and to receive a negative COVID test prior to reporting to the Y for work.
  • As a reminder, unfortunately, no guests will be allowed to visit the Y over the holiday due to the event that we might be required to work with the Health Department on contact tracing.
  • The YMCA will continue to enforce 100% proper wearing of masks, including covering the nose and mouth in accordance with CDC recommendations, by everyone on YMCA property. It’s for your health and that of your community!
  • The YMCA will be holding an in-house training for all staff on updated and enhanced safety measures and cleaning protocols. Each branch will review policy and protocol relating to temperature checks at the building entrances; referring all members and staff to the CDC’s health screening questions; upholding social distancing requirements; continuing to enforce proper mask wearing; and reviewing enhanced facility cleaning requirements and protocols.
  • In addition to the continued use of UV-C cleaning methods, the YMCA has invested in electrostatic sprayers for use when cleaning wellness equipment and high-touch areas (i.e. railings, doors, etc.), which enables the disinfecting solution to be applied more evenly, efficiently, and effectively; safely applying another level of sanitization. The YMCA will continue to clean each facility throughout the day and conduct a deep cleaning of each facility during the afternoon and overnight.
  • For your convenience, in addition to the additional warm water showers and portable changing rooms we have added on the pool deck, the Y will be designating staffed coat check areas in the branch where your coats will be secured while you work out.  We will not be able to accept valuables of any kind during this period (which should be either left at home or locked out of site in the trunk of your car).
  • In addition to our regularly scheduled pool maintenance, the YMCA will be adding fresh water to the pool each week to continue to provide optimal water quality.
  • The YMCA will continue to have the HVAC systems serviced regularly to support optimal air filtration and circulation, in addition to doors and windows being open to allow fresh air circulation when possible.
  • The YMCA will continue to offer outdoor activities and online service options for member enjoyment of our wellness offerings (i.e. Group Exercise classes, Tennis, Pickleball, Personal Training, Youth Sports, etc.).
  • The YMCA has adjusted the facility capacity, per local government requirements, and will continue to post utilization updates on the website throughout each day. Thus far, our classes and activities have run at levels that are below the recently revised capacity limits, and the Y will continue to operate below the local mandated levels for your health and safety.
  • In December, the YMCA will expand the hours of operation while maintaining the necessary break for mid-day deep cleaning of the facility. The updated branch hours of operation will be distributed via email, social media and updates on the schedule posted at this link.
  • The YMCA has modified the usage of all restroom facilities throughout each branch to limit service to one member at a time (unless in the same household).
  • The YMCA is updating all facility signage that supports social distancing; member circulation patterns; wearing masks; member and staff travel; guest policies; and, general member safety.
Your Y will remain vigilant to help keep members and staff safe at the YMCA. We appreciate the positive member testimonials that have been shared throughout the pandemic. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey that is available at this link so that we can continue to make improvements to our programs and services. If you have any feedback or recommendations to share, please reply to this email for assistance.
A few notes on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday hours of operation:
On Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 26th), your YMCA branch will be open. To review the hours of operation for all branches on Thanksgiving Day, and throughout the holiday weekend, please visit this link. A reminder that before you travel to the YMCA, please check the home page of the YMCA website for updates on each YMCA branch’s operating capacity utilization that is posted on the top of the page.
Holiday Happenings:
  • The YMCA’s Annual Turkey Chase Charity Race will take place in a virtual format this year from November 16th through November 30th! Anyone can participate anywhere to support their home YMCA branch. Participants can run, walk, bike, or swim the race and there are a variety of race distances to choose from. For more information, please visit
  • Cyber Monday offers will be available soon! This is a great opportunity to purchase a significantly discounted YMCA service (Tennis, Personal Training, Cooking Classes, and more) for you, or a friend, to enjoy. Please look forward to receiving an email announcement and check the YMCA website for details in the days ahead.
Thank you for your membership. Please view the video clip attached that aired on one of the morning news stations today, demonstrating the YMCA’s community impact during the pandemic, the safety measures in place to promote members safety, and the Virtual Turkey Chase Charity Race. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you, and everyone that calls your community their home, throughout this pandemic and beyond. On behalf of your YMCA staff, we wish you a safe and healthy holiday season.
Yours in Health,
YMCA of Metropolitan Washington

Dear YMCA members,

Thank you for your membership to the YMCA. In support of the updated reservation policy that will begin on Monday, August 17th, please find some answers to the most commonly asked questions:
Question #1: Why are members being asked to make no more than three swim time reservations during a rolling seven day time period?
Answer:  As you are aware, the County government has mandated social distancing measures and pool capacity limitations that place a limit on the number of members that can be served each day in the pool. In the past without these limitations, the YMCA was able to serve three times as many members in aquatics. Since reopening, we have heard via email and through phone calls from numerous members that they are not able to swim at all, whereas other members are swimming seven days each week. In support of compliance, the policy is designed to support fairness in allowing all members access to the pools.
Question #2: How does a rolling seven day time period work?
Answer: In brief, within any seven day time period you may have no more than three reservations for swim time activities in the system. As each day passes, a new seven day time period begins.
Question #3: How can I start reserving up to seven days in advance on Monday, August 17th?
Answer: As you know, members currently can place reservations up to 72-hours in advance of their desired swim time activity. On Monday, August 17th, the advance reservation capability expands to 168 hours (or seven days). This means that when you log into the online reservation system on Monday, August 17th, you will have the ability to make a reservation online for swimming opportunities that are listed as available for the next seven days (168 hours). During the hours of branch operations, you can also call the Welcome Center Staff at your branch for support making a reservation, to join the wait list for a specific swim time activity, or to cancel a reservation.
Question #4:  How long will this new policy be in effect?
Answer:  As pool reservation data, wait list data, usage data and member feedback is analyzed in the weeks ahead, the Y will work to make enhancements and improvements. The Y will continue to look for ways to improve the pool experience and support fairness in allowing all members access to the pools. For example, the YMCA asked for and just recently received approval to expand swim times to 10pm each week night and 9:30pm on the weekends. As soon as YMCA staff are in place to support this expanded schedule of pool operating hours, the Y will update the reservation system to allow for this additional pool access each day. Please look for an announcement to soon be delivered on the updated and expanded pool hours. Please also look forward to receiving an email with another survey at the end of August where you can provide your feedback in support of helping the Y to make additional improvements.
Question #5: If I typically swim four times each week, under this new policy of three swim time reservations in a rolling seven day period, can I still swim four times each week?
Answer: Yes, it is still possible to swim four times or more each week. The policy states that members can make up to a total of three swim time reservations in a rolling seven day time period and join the wait list for an additional three swim time opportunities. If you are notified via email that your wait listed swim opportunity has become available, you can participate in that swim opportunity. As it was not a reserved swim time, it is independent from the three swim time reservations opportunities you can place each week.
Question #6: How do I join the wait list and how does it work?
Answer: When you look at the online reservation system and see a swim time activity that is full, you can click on it and join the wait list for that activity. Or you can call the branch and a Welcome Center staff member will assist you in joining the wait list for a desired swim time activity. In the event that a cancellation occurs, the members on the waitlist for that swim time activity will be contacted via email in the order that they have joined the wait list for that activity.
Question #7:  How will the new reservation policy be supported?
Answer:  The YMCA aquatics team will review usage and reservation data each day. Whenever a member’s use of the reservation system or wait list is not aligned with the policies, the YMCA aquatics team will contact the member to notify them that the reservations or wait list requests placed outside of the policy will be released and made available to members that have joined the wait list for the swim time activities involved.
Question #8:  I like using the online reservation system. Can I continue to use it?
Answer:  Yes! Members can use the online reservation system or call the branch to join the wait list, place a reservation or cancel a reservation.
Question #9:  I want to take swim instruction. Will I be able to do that?
Answer:  Starting after Labor Day, you may choose to use one of your three swim activity reservation times to participate in individual swim instruction. After you secure your lap swim reservation time, please email the YMCA Aquatics Director at (YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase) or (YMCA Silver Spring) to coordinate the swim instruction in the lap swimming lane that you reserved.
Question #10: Do I need to take a deep water test?
Answer: You do not need to take a deep water test if you are an adult. Children age 12-years and under who will swim continuous laps must pass the deep water test and have a parent on the pool deck during their registered swim time. Children 13 to 15 years old who will swim continuous laps must pass the deep water test (their parent is not required to be on the pool deck). If you have children that need to take the deep water test, please contact the Aquatics Director via email at at (YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase) or (YMCA Silver Spring).
We hope the clarification on these questions helps and we really appreciate your support as the Y strives to serve all members. We will conduct a survey at the end of August for your feedback on this reservation system and your summer experience in general. If you have additional questions, please reply to this email.
Yours In Good Health,

Cautious Reopening Phase TWO Guidelines

Recently our members filled out a survey telling us what they would like to see in the Y when we are given the green light to reopen. We thank you for filling out the survey and the Y used this feedback in designing our first phase of re-opening. We will continue to survey our members throughout this process to see how we are doing over the next coming weeks. The majority of our members asked that:

  1. That the Y move cautiously and slowly.
  2. That the Y assure social distancing and good hygiene are at the core of our service delivery.
  3. That the Y continues the responsive and service-oriented work in our communities.
  4. That the Y in consideration of travel paths and circulation be well thought out and special consideration be given to seniors and those with underlying health conditions.
  5. That the Y ensures cleanliness be performed at the highest level with recommended products technology and protocols be consistently followed as recommended by the CDC.

The Y is extremely excited to announce that we believe we are ready and that the PHASE 2 reopening of our Virginia Y’s will take place Monday June 15th at 7am. As per the Executive Order of Virginia we are permitted to open our facilities to run outdoor activities of groups of 50 or less while practicing social distancing at all times. In addition we will be offering indoor fitness, group exercise and lap swimming at 30% building occupancy and the required social distancing always at the forefront. In addition we will be requiring that masks be worn at all times with the only exception being when you are actually in the process of exercising.

We believe that you will be pleased with the great care that has been taken to add a variety of indoor and outdoor programs to our schedule in addition to continuing with the live streaming of classes and continuation of our virtual Y library that has been viewed by more than 50% of our membership.

Please take some time to review our updated code of conduct related to COVID-19 and the list of recommendations for coming back to the Y. This guide will help you to prepare to safely enjoy your YMCA experience during Phase 2. We will continue to update the website with additional information for PHASE 2 reopening including our What to Expect Video when coming back to your Y.

During this phase we will also be requiring reservations for several of our programs to ensure that we follow regulations and focus on preparing for our members correctly. Reservations may be made as of 72 hours in advance and up until one-hour before an activity starts. Please visit this page to see our current activity schedule and learn more about our reservation system. You can start reserving your time as of today. If you have questions, please email For your convenience, as of Tuesday this week a Welcome Center has been be in operation to support your phone calls, answer questions, and to help you reserve your participation in the wellness activities available during this phase. The Y will also reserve spaces in classes specifically for our members who prefer to reserve their participation over the phone. In addition there will also be a few spots for walk-in members, though we strongly recommend making a reservation before you leave home.

Our Y’s are ready, our staff is trained, new enhanced sanitation and hygiene protocols are in place and all we need is you! The Y has missed our members and we look forward to welcoming you back

Monday morning. If you would like to reactive your membership at this time please contact or call your local YMCA branch as classes will only be offered to those with active memberships.

YMCA Arlington at 703-525-5420
YMCA Alexandria at 703-838-8085
YMCA Fairfax County Reston at 703-742-8800

We are excited to welcome you back this week. We have missed you!

Dear YMCA members,

This is a quick update from your Y to let you know that even though we haven’t been given the official approval needed to re-open we want to assure you that our Montgomery County Y’s are ready!  The Y has been closely monitoring opening phases throughout the state of Maryland through our Y alliances, as we believe we will be given similar guidance when Montgomery County is allowed to open.

We look forward to welcoming you back—our indoor and outdoor pools have been refurbished, inspected and ready for a summer of wonderful health and enjoyment in the water.  Circulation patterns and signage have been established throughout the facility to allow for social distancing.   Enhanced cleaning and technology have been added to make sure high touch areas in the Y facilities are constantly cleaned throughout the day. Two hours each day have been set aside for a deeper cleaning of the facility, Wellness centers have been configured so that social distancing will always be respected including additional clearly marked sanitization stations.  Sneeze guards have been added in member facing areas for additional protection and our code of conduct has been updated to reflect the requirement of masks everywhere on Y property except when you are actually in the act of exercising.  For those that look forward to health and wellness activities, outdoors our tennis court will be open. Requirements related to how to enjoy tennis in this phase of reopening will be posted online.  And we have added many outdoor group exercise classes and outdoor air studios so you may enjoy your classes or weight training outdoors if you chose (see website as inclement weather policy will apply.)   Though we have reduced our inventory of programs and services temporarily such as group classes, child watch and shower facilities to allow for a slow re-entry and social distancing at this time, we will continue to look forward and add more programs and services as appropriate and approved.

Please take your time to review our GUIDELINES TO REOPENING that is on our website and look for a video coming next week on what to expect when you return to the Y. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you back to your Y

Dear Member,


As we await guidance and permission from our Governors and Mayor along with health officials related to our reopening, we want to assure you that your Y will be ready. Our membership and community have been so supportive and appreciative of the critical mission work the Y has been doing over the last eight weeks and your support has made the difference to so many. You can click here to learn more about the YMCA’s work in the community, which will continue as we cautiously pivot towards reopening our facilities in phases.

In addition to the critical mission work the Y has been doing in the community, the Y has been focusing on researching, training and preparing for reopening. Your Y has invested in new sanitizing and cleaning systems inclusive of the latest technology that will take cleaning to a higher level; including, but not limited to, a UV lighting system. Ultra violet light systems have long been used in hospitals to sterilize objects and rooms. Known as “nature’s disinfectant,” UV lights will be among the cleaning systems safely used during periodic closures throughout the day to support deep cleaning in addition to the enhanced cleaning throughout the day.

During the time that the Y has been closed, all pools have been drained and filled with fresh water and have had extensive pre-opening repairs done so that there will be no down time due to repairs later this summer. Tiles have been repaired in locker rooms and ceiling tiles have been replaced throughout the facility. In addition, most of our Y’s have been landscaped and look very welcoming. Toilets are being fitted with lids and instructions related to germ and virus control. All facilities have had filters changed and systems run for more than 48 hours to ensure constant air circulation. Thermostats in the facility have been set at the higher set point range to help minimize the spread of colds or germs.


Countless hours have been spent analyzing travel and circulation patterns from the moment you leave your car to enter to the Y to your exiting once you have completed a workout or had a swim. Extensive directional signage has been ordered to support social distancing throughout the facility. Additional staff have been hired and placed in key positions where they can help observe and support safe distance between members using equipment and traveling through the facility.

New best practices from Y’s across the country will be implemented that support maintaining a healthy and safe environment, such as health screening prior to facility entry using touch-less thermometers, self-scanning membership check-in at the front desk, and facility layout modifications that increase space between members in the facility. All of these details will be shared in future communications prior to opening. These practices will be strictly adhered to all times for those returning to the Y in addition to requiring staff and members to wear masks at all times.

Gym wipes and hand sanitation stations have been added throughout the facility allowing all members to wipe down their machines and sanitize their hands throughout their workouts.

All furniture and unnecessary objects have been removed from the facility to avoid touching and to discourage social gathering. And though for a short while you may miss your favorite chair with a cup of coffee, we will all be healthier for it.

And though our virtual group ex classes will be continuing virtually and streaming online, our staff have identified areas of the Y facilities that will be used as open-air studios to conduct many of your favorite group ex classes with your favorite instructors.

As our staff FINALIZE DETAILS and await direction on our PHASE 1 opening from Government Officials and the CDC, WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU, OUR MEMBERS. Please take a moment to click here and fill out a survey, which will allow us to finalize decisions on space and program offerings as we enter into the phases of our operation. Though we do not have a definitive date on the opening of our facilities, we anticipate and are preparing for later this month or early June based on required recommendations. Though we may look differently and operate slightly differently and at a cautious pace, your Y wants to assure you that the Y is committed to providing a safe and clean environment and look forward to serving you in the near future. WELCOME BACK!
Dear Y Member,
Since your Y branch closed 38 days ago, the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington staff have continued to fulfill our mission by serving those in need across our communities with critical services.
Critical Services
  • Served the most vulnerable throughout the DMV with food insecurities by providing 22,327 pounds of food.
  • Hosted oversubscribed blood drives that have contributed 81 pints of blood to potentially save the lives of 243 individuals.
  • Provided 919 virtual mental health counseling sessions for those that need our social service connections and expertise.
  • Led 63 live group exercise classes; helping an average of 289 members in each class to remain connected and to maintain their wellness goals.
  • Opened four Emergency Child Care Centers in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Plans are underway to open up additional sites in Virginia.
  • Conducted hundreds of well-being check-in calls to our seniors who may be home alone (and have welcomed a friendly call from their Y staff).
  • Answered phone calls from members, and placed hundreds of outbound calls to members each day, to answer questions and & reassure all that we are here.
To support the Y’s capacity to deliver critical services to the community in this phase while we are closed, and pivot towards the next phase where the branches reopen (featuring adapted, modified, and redesigned programs and services); the Y has undertaken several steps:
  • to reduce expenses, the Y furloughed 85% of staff to essential levels only that support all the work outlined in this letter.
  • to support and care for staff, the Y kept all staff on payroll longer than most like service providers and provided health insurance benefits through the month of April. The Y started an ACTS of Kindness/COVID-19 Fund for staff in need and we are thankful that many of you have given in support.
  • to raise funds, the Y continued to fundraise; applied and received grants to help offset the financially devastating impact of COVID-19 on operations.
  • to continue to operate as a nonprofit charity, as shared with all members via email and on the website in March (, membership payments have been recognized as tax deductible donations to support the YMCA’s work while the YMCA facilities are closed.
  • to raise awareness, the Y generated over $200K in earned media to support improved communication across broadcast, print and digital platforms.
Cautious Reopening
The YMCA is preparing for the multiple versions of tomorrow that will be encountered over the weeks and months ahead. Though we are anxious to reopen your Y, we will only reopen once we know we have a safe plan and environment to offer:
  • We will be reviewing best practices related to staggering usage, facility design and layout; keeping social distancing always at the forefront.
  • We will test air conditioning and heating systems, change filters and look to adapt with new technology that is being offered related to light and humidity.
  • We will rehire (and hire more) housekeeping staff to keep facilities sanitized.
  • We will make required modifications to our front desks, showers and toilet areas. During the closure, the Y has performed much-needed and required maintenance on pools, locker rooms and facilities.
  • We will have Y staff wear masks and gloves, where appropriate.
  • We are reviewing all YMCA programs and services, so that in the first phase of reopening, social distancing and safety are supported as the primary guiding principles. Programs will be reinvented and many will remain virtual.
Stay With Us
In closing, the beloved YMCA program and services have been suspended since March 16th. The result has been a gap of millions of dollars of much needed funds to the Y, making it very challenging to reopen in the manner that will be required to reengage staff and modify systems and services. That is why at this time, now more than ever, we ask that you continue with your membership and give if you can. Please stay with us. While many members have been forced to put their memberships on hold (as they face the challenges of keeping afloat), your continued support will enable us to offer members our “soft landing program” when we reopen. This will allow our members to have access to their Y while they regain their financial footing. For details, please contact
We look forward to seeing you again in the near future and brighter days are ahead. If you have questions, need support, would like to help, or would like to talk with us; please send an e-mail to for assistance. Please note, we need member email addresses to communicate efficiently with members, so please send us an email so that we can communicate with you. Please stay healthy and well during this time.
Yours truly,
Your Y Staff
A Message from our President & CEO
For over 168 years, the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington has supported our community as a leader in youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. During your time as a YMCA member, you may have accessed our full service facilities for physical activity, improved health, and time with friends; trusted our staff with your child’s care and development at Y program centers; and participated in swim instruction, tennis clinics, day camp, cooking classes, and more, at YMCA locations across the region.
As of 5 p.m. on Monday, March 16, 2020; in compliance with the requests of health and government officials, we suspended operations at YMCA wellness facilities and program centers.These closures were instituted to help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and protect those most vulnerable in our communities.
To be direct: the YMCA is a nonprofit charity. We rely on membership dues and donations to support the majority of the work we do. Without your ongoing support as a member, the Y may cease to exist. This will leave a critical gap in services across the metropolitan region. We ask for your ongoing investment in the Y and respectfully request that you retain your membership during this difficult period. All membership payments made while the YMCA is closed will be recognized as tax-deductible charitable contributions to the YMCA. Members that continue to support the YMCA in this way will receive a letter acknowledging their contribution at year-end to be used for tax purposes.
Many of you have called us and asked how you can help to support Y staff at this time. The Y has launched an Acts of Kindness/COVID-19 Fund, which supports our ability to continue paying part-time hourly staff through your kind and generous donations. To donate, please click here
We are cleaning and refurbishing our facilities while they are closed (to help reopen them as soon as government officials permit and health organizations support that it is safe to do so); and our staff are working hard to provide emergency support to those who need us most during this unprecedented time:
  • Free meals are being provided to children at our YMCA branches and program centers. These meals are available to any child in the community, regardless of whether or not they are part of Y programs.
  • Free groceries and food donations are being collected and provided to anyone in need across each community we serve.
  • We are exploring ways to offer childcare support for essential service providers, such as community First Responders and hospital employees, so that they may continue to serve and care for the sick in our communities.
  • In partnership with the Red Cross, our staff and facilities are supporting blood drives across the Metropolitan Washington area to address the current shortage of blood supplies in our local hospitals.
  • We continue to support our Fit and Well Seniors by providing them with virtual options to stay healthy, active, and connected in their homes.
  • YMCA Youth and Family Services continue to support young adults through our Youth Intervention Services. Our dedicated teams are communicating directly with youth and their families to provide help needed.
  • We are coordinating volunteer support to help those in need in our area.
For more information, and to join our efforts, please visit: If you have questions, need support, would like to help, or would like to talk with us, email or call your YMCA branch.
We have made a wide range of virtual services available online at New content will be added to this site each week, so please stay active, healthy, engaged, and connected with us online. Utilize this opportunity to remain close with your friends and staff at the Y by participating virtually to observe distant socializing.
We will continue to communicate with you regarding when we will reopen YMCA facilities. Thank you for your continued support. By working together, we will all get through this difficult time.
Stay with us,
Angie L Reese-Hawkins
President & CEO
The YMCA is providing free meals and produce at 11 locations for anyone across the DMV. All food will be distributed while supplies last, and all schedules are subject to change. Please follow our website, and our @ymcadcfood Instagram and Twitter for updates and changes.
Please email if you need resources in a community that we are not in; we can help you find some.
Notes for Distribution week of March 23rd:
  • Produce distribution will start Monday, March 23rd at YMCA Calomiris, YMCA Anthony Bowen, YMCA Arylawn and Trinity Lutheran Church.
  • We will not distribute produce at YMCA Alexandria on Monday, March 22nd.
  • Meal distribution will begin Thursday, March 26th.
Your safety is our top priority. Here is how we will ensure that:
  • All distribution will occur outside of the branch, and meals and produce will be pre-packaged on tables. Please practice social-distancing while picking up food, one at a time, from the tables.
  • Staff will be wearing gloves, and there will be no contact; you will not have to sign any documents.
  • Meals are for children under the age of 18. The meal boxes contain three-days’ worth of breakfast and lunch. Children can only pick up two meal boxes per week. Our staff will write down the name of your child so that we can monitor this.
Dear YMCA Members,
Following the CDC recommendations for schools, workplaces and community locations; the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington will suspend operations at all YMCA facilities located in Northern Virginia and in the District of Columbia at the close of business, Monday, March 16, 2020.
At this moment, we plan to reopen all YMCA facilities as soon as it is permitted by the government officials and upheld by the guidance of health organizations. Updates will be provided on, sent to all members via email, and posted on the YMCA branch Facebook pages.
During the time that the YMCA is closed:
  • The YMCA will continue to conduct deep cleaning of each facility (including all branches, program centers, offsite locations and school buses). Disinfectant fogging will take place (as it already has) and will continue after we reopen to keep all YMCA spaces healthy and safe.
  • Staff and members are encouraged to follow all travel recommendations and restrictions issued by health organizations & government officials. Please consider self-quarantining during this time (eliminating non-essential trips from home) and teleworking to reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19.
  • Virtual group exercise classes are available to members right now:
  • Y360: enjoy a variety of YMCA group exercise classes (Yoga, Active Older Adults, Barre, Boot Camp and more!) on Youtube (click here).
  • Les Mills: participate in your favorite Les Mills classes (including High Intensity Interval Training, Mindfulness, Born to Move (for families with children) and more) by clicking this link. You do not need to click on the “subscribe” button. Use the drop down button “Click Here For More” to see all of the group exercise class formats available
  • Virtual personal wellness training sessions will soon be available to members of all ages and experience levels. Visit for the schedule of wellness sessions to continue to stay healthy & strong.
  • Educational seminars will soon be available to all members on topics such as nutrition; healthy cooking; healthy eating; wellness at home; and, seminars will be available to support the mental well-being of individuals and families. Visit for more information in the days ahead.
  • Virtual programs for youth will soon be are available to all members through Our staff will lead interactive educational experience such as “Story Time” and healthy games and activities.
  • Information for volunteer support for members in need and food distribution points will soon be available at
If you have questions or for assistance, please reply to this email or call 202-232-6700.
Yours in good health,
Your YMCA Staff
Dear YMCA members,
A key to maintaining a healthy community is for everyone to take good care of their health and to do the same for everyone in their care (children, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, co-workers and more). In summary, we are all counting on each other. At the Y, you play a pivotal role in support of our efforts to keep YMCA members, staff, and facilities healthy and safe.
  • Scheduling frequent cleaning of “high-touch” areas throughout the facility, such as door handles, fitness equipment, lockers, tables/countertops, phones and more.
  • Scheduling disinfectant fogging after branch hours of operation (using a safe and effective alcohol-based fogging application) to enhance our normal cleaning schedules.
  • Providing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to members and staff throughout each YMCA facility.
  • For the safety of members and staff that are cleaning, requiring protective rubber gloves to be worn while cleaning and encouraging immediate hand washing.
  • Encouraging frequent hand cleaning and hand sanitization by all members and staff in each YMCA facility.
  • Educating staff and members with facts about the flu and other viruses. The YMCA encourages any staff or members (including their children) that are experiencing any of the symptoms affiliated with the flu or coronavirus to stay home and immediately see their doctor (or go to urgent care / hospital).
  • Publishing a weekly list of frequently asked questions by our members relying on resources such as the CDC, the Health Department and the WHO.
  • In addition to our regular and enhanced cleaning schedules, the Y will be contracting with professional cleaning companies to clean and disinfect locker rooms, wellness center, children’s areas, and high-touch areas after branch hours of operation.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick too.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing (if tissues are not available, cough or sneeze into your elbow). It may prevent those around you from getting sick.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if your hands are visibly dirty.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Practice good health habits. Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food.
  • In your home and at work, frequently clean door handles and high-touch areas (while wearing protective rubber gloves) with disinfecting wipes. Also, remember to frequently clean all portable electronic devices.
  • When you are at the Y, use a disinfectant wipe to clean equipment before and after each use.
  • When you are sick, stay home. You will help prevent others from catching your illness.
  • Stay informed through trusted sources, such as the WHO and CDC.
As more information becomes available, please visit this link for updated information about what the Y is doing, and what you can do, to prevent the spread of viruses like the flu and coronavirus.  To all YMCA members that have traveled internationally this year, or have plans to travel internationally later this year, please visit this link for the latest on travel restrictions and requirements.
If you have any questions, please reply to this email for assistance. We appreciate your attention and support.
Yours in health,
Your YMCA Staff